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Survey Lifecycle Management

Bättra has a proven capability to help organizations collect and understand stakeholder feedback. These insights help our clients take an inward look at their programs and resources. We help our clients develop systematic and concise action plans to improve their internal and external relationships, which ultimately has a positive impact on financial performance or mission success.

The secret to a successful survey effort is not entirely about achieving a high response rate, but rather the due diligence taken in developing an instrument that draws-in the respondent to provide meaningful input that can be transformed into meaningful insights. We have established a methodology to walk through this development process with our clients in an expedient and efficient manner that provides them with the confidence that the data collection effort is comprehensive and will yield actionable results.

We provide our clients with the following tailored survey support options:

  • Securing OMB approvals, using fast-track processes if applicable.
  • Exhaustive quality review of the survey instrument Removal of question bias.
    • Air tight question prompts to ensure respondents provide accurate input.
    • Complete listings of all possible responses.
    • Efficient application of conditional branching or skip logic.
    • Preserves data security and response anonymity (if desired).
  • Development of stakeholder communications and official notices for organizational leadership to convey to survey population.
  • Survey deployment and lifecycle management.
  • Follow-up communications and response reminders.
  • Response data analysis, including graphics development, comments/sentiment analysis, and findings summarization.

Project Spotlight

In 2018 Bättra developed and deployed the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) first of its kind, enterprise Supplier Satisfaction Survey using our online survey instrument, which achieved a high 38% response rate from 7,819 suppliers. Bättra provided executive briefings to HQ J7, HCAs, and leadership from the MSCs to review the feedback.