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DLA Business Case Analysis (BCA)

In 2019 Bättra completed multiple BCAs for DLA’s J31 Whole of Government (WoG) program to evaluate opportunities to consolidate supply chain operations across the federal environment. We facilitated multiple efforts between DLA other federal government entities to avoid redundancy, achieve greater efficiency, and increase effectiveness in their item and inventory management activities.

In 2017 Bättra completed an independent DLA enterprise BCA for Construction & Equipment’s (C&E) $100M a year, Federal Supply Group (FSG) 80 hazardous materials supply chain to identify various alternatives to improve performance of the supply chain in terms of Material Availability (MA%), shelf life dating, and program costs. The project successfully applied modeling and simulation technology to reasonably predict the additional costs and requirements incurred by DLA to achieve a target MA% of 90%. Based on our recommendations, DLA moved forward on a PBS solution and awarded a competitive, seven-year, $950M contract in September 2019.