DLA Subsistence Network 2021-02-20T14:13:47-05:00

DLA SUBNET – Visualization, Modeling & Simulation

In 2019 Bättra was awarded a contract under DLA’s R&D Subsistence Network (SUBNET) program to develop a flexible framework and application to store and manage supply chain data and demonstrate the capability to use the information to support wide ranging visualizations, What-If analyses for disaster/contingency planning, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) activities, and more advanced M&S studies. Bättra developed an Advanced Process Data Management (APDM) module to optionally store and manage, more detailed process level supplier data in order to estimate lead time and output capabilities during a national mobilization. Although the module was developed to manage detailed Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) production processes, the supply chain data model has the flexibility to be used in support of any industry, e.g. weapon system repair parts.

DLA SUBNET – Blockchain for OCONUS SPV Supply Chain

In September 2020 Bättra was awarded a contract to pilot the application of blockchain technology using a third-party platform in order to improve visibility and security of DLA subsistence products shipped by an OCONUS Subsistence Prime Vendor (SPV) and other stakeholders in intermodal containers (sea vans) supporting transportation to the final Military Service customer. This cutting-edge technology is being used in the commercial marketplace to support blockchain trusted and verified collaborative exchanges among trading partners across the extended supply chain.