Crane Army Ammunition Activity 2021-02-22T09:34:28-05:00

Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA)

Bättra used discrete event simulation software to evaluate CAAA’s storage strategy for receipt, storage, and issue of ammunition and other non-explosive items, including truckloads of ammunition arriving to/from CAAA. This model includes over 1,800 magazine locations and was used to identify a storage strategy that reduces miles traveled, maximizes efficient use of space, and reduces the number of shipments. Bättra developed simulation logic to enforce compliance with regulatory requirements to ensure incoming ammunition can be stored at a magazine based on the ammunition’s compatibility characteristics, maximum Net Explosive Weight (NEW) and space limitations of the magazine, and other considerations. Our simulation and analysis demonstrated that CAAA could implement a modified approach to magazine spotting to optimize and reduce the crew’s travel to/from magazines by 50%, providing a reduction in annual operating costs.

Bättra also used the simulation to assess the maximum outload capability for two containerization facilities based on a 90-day outload requirement. We conducted a sensitivity analysis of resources, e.g. blocking and bracing teams, material handlers, inspectors etc., and provided recommendations to increase the container output during a mobilization.