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Process Improvement & LSS Services

Change what you do!   Or….. Do what you do better!

We often find that organizations are not making a meaningful investment in process improvement. In a high performing Lean organization process improvement is baked into daily activities, continuously improving how the work is performed through self-examination (Gemba) and experimentation. We can help your organization become a high performing Lean organization from any stage of maturity. The following are a few key elements of our LSS services:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process Mapping (As-Is, To-Be, Gap Analysis)
  • Kaizen (Point, Medium, System)
  • Standardized work (Same steps, same order every time)
  • Level Loading – Heijunka (Workload/Perfect customer)
  • Changeover reduction – ESEE (Eliminate, Simplify, Externalize, Execute)
  • Transition to Pull (Kanban system/ Movement to single piece flow)

We understand Lean is all about People, not simulations or consulting expertise! We can help your employees improve the processes they touch, rather than re-designing processes for them.


We helped our client see how much time was being spent in changeover, and they installed quick exchange jaws for their lathes and combined several operations, consistent with the lean principle of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED). Reduced set-up times made it more affordable to lower lot sizes, which move more quickly through the plant.