Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) 2017-12-11T08:05:06-05:00

Supply Chain Risk Management

Bättra can help your organization develop and implement strategies to reduce its vulnerability to everyday and exceptional risks throughout the supply chain. We offer supply chain mapping services and tools to gain visibility into your supply chain and advanced analytics to determine the Value at Risk (VAR) and Time to Recovery (TTR).

Bättra is a member of the SCRM Consortium™, a  group of companies providing education, assessment tools and consulting services in support of the needs of organizations at all stages of SCRM maturity.

Bättra uses a proprietary supply chain mapping tool that not only maps each node in the supply chain using a SIPOC framework, but also captures all of the product transformation processes that occur within each node, i.e. within the 4-walls of a manufacturing facility. This data can be automatically exported to ProModel’s Pro-Active-X template to rapidly create a baseline simulation model.