DLA Strategic Materials Process Improvement 2017-12-11T07:58:49-05:00

DLA Strategic Materials Process Improvement

As the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Strategic Materials Program experienced a disruptive shift in their mission away from sales of stockpiled material to new acquisitions, they looked to Bättra to recommend new systems and methodologies for accomplishing their strategic goals. In April 2016, Bättra was awarded a contract by DLA Strategic Materials, formerly known as the National Stockpile, to conduct process improvement analysis and develop new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the organization’s key tasks and responsibilities. We implemented a rigorous campaign of process redesign as Standardized Work, such that Strategic Materials can increase efficiencies, meet objectives, measure their performance, and conduct Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). With Bättra’s help, Strategic Materials is positioned to excel in a difficult, ever-shifting mission of the highest national strategic importance.