DLA Joint Industrial Capability Analysis Process (JICAP) 2017-09-29T18:40:12-04:00

DLA Joint Industrial Capability Analysis Process (JICAP)

Bättra was the primary architect of the DLA ICP’s supply chain risk analysis system – a proactive program to identify and assess supply chain risks and implement corrective actions before they impact Warfighter readiness. Bättra led the development and deployment of JICAP based on our years of experience supporting DLA supply chain risk assessments and has continued to improve the application over time. Through JICAP, DLA’s industrial base community is able to readily analyze supply chain risk for a particular item based on a myriad of metrics including, on-time delivery, average days late, stock-out risk under normal and wartime scenarios, and customer order fill rate. These risk metrics often build a case for further root cause analysis and risk mitigation through direct collaboration with the supply chain.