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Alabama Military Stability Foundation

In 2017, the Alabama Military Stability Foundation (MSF) awarded a contract to Bättra, LLC to design and develop a web-based supply chain mapping and economic modelling platform to display DoD dependencies in the Alabama economy and to model the impacts of potential reductions in contract awards. Bättra developed a data model based primarily on government contract data and merged geographic job multiplier and employment data into Alabama’s current model. Bättra also applied algorithms to adjust annual contract obligations by the period of performance of the contracts.

Bättra provided oversight and testing support to RAAD360, as they extended their software to support the Foundation’s specific functionality, which includes:

  • Interactive supply chain map of DoD prime and sub-contractors within the state.
  • Ability to see summary information on contractors and filter on various supplier characteristics.
  • Interactive geographic map of Alabama county and MSAs that shows:
    • Summary contract data (example: net DoD dollars, net jobs, top NAICS, top Equipment Codes, top customers).
    • Summary of subcontractor dollars (“leakage”) flowing outside of the target geographic area to other areas, e.g. other states.
    • Color shading of geographic areas based on county/MSA DoD dependency, net DoD dollars, and net DoD dollar trends.
  • Interactive Supply Chain Flow analysis of prime contractor reported subcontract awards by geography, NAICS, and contractor.
  • Economic modeling (“What-if”) of net DoD jobs by selected geographic areas (county/MSA) by 3-digit NAICS and DoD spending trend analysis.